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Bhetli Tu Punha

In the chaos of our constantly changing fast life, our destiny intersects our paths with paths of different kinds of people everyday. Not all these people we meet are meant to stay, but the fortunate ones somehow do! The most fortunate ones accompany us till the end of our journey which are often family, friends, relatives, the acquaintances and… that one person, the special one, our better half! Now, this better half! We all keep searching for that one person throughout our lives, even the early stages of it. The vacant “Position” of that one person is tried to be filled by testing various people and checking if they really fit into it. Some people successfully pass this test while the others don’t!

Now the real question is, do we really give enough time to these people to prove themselves? Do we really know these people to whom we have given the precious time of our lives so far? What do you think will happen if a person, whose name we have crossed out of list comes back in our life? And then, starts a journey of getting to know each another all over again And that journey is… Bhetali Tu Punha