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Shelke Master, a schoolmaster at a small school in a village in Maharashtra, fights against all odds to give the children what they want – education. He spends all of his time at the school either teaching, filling up the attendance sheet, ringing the school bell, completing the syllabus, or cooking the meal as part of the Government’s scheme. Instead of appreciating his efforts, many village folks consider him to be a sore spot because he stops children from child labor.

One day, his wife goes into labor and he needs to be with her but, at the same time, he is scared that the villagers will shut the school down. He then leaves Gauri in-charge of the school. On her very first day, she is shocked to find out that many parents denied their children to go to school in Shelke Master’s absence and that one of the school’s most talented boys, Abdul, is sent to work at a hotel in a nearby town. Amidst this chaos, the officials from the education department are scheduled to visit the school the very same week to evaluate the school’s attendance. Gauri must now set out to find Abdul. Will she be able to find him? Will the attendance book be filled?